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3D printable models


Ever since I built my 3D printer I've been designing models to print. I have been sharing some of these models and some have gone semi-viral. All models are optimized for 3D printing.

If you want to find the models check out my thingiverse page: LxO about

Lowest poly The Thinker

I made a version of Rodin's Le Poète. My version is a low polygon model. The model has been downloaded over 15 000 times. 


You can find the model here:  Lowest poly The Thinker.

Low poly the thinker.png

Other peoples prints of my model

The Thinker
Makes map

This map shows all the documented locations where people have printed the model.

Voronoi Moai

Voronoi Moai

Moai are the head statues from Easter Island. I made a organic looking Voronoi version.  You can see it here: Voronoi Moai.

Camera accessories

Instead of buying expensive plastic pieces for my cameras, I designed alternatives.

Lowest poly Moai

Another moai, this time in a low poly version. You can find the model here: Lowest poly moai

Camera accessories
Lowest poly Moai
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