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Fishboards was a hobby company I started when I was 14. I built and sold custom carbon fiber longboards.

I closed down the website but still have the Facebook page up, check it out here:

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A model desiged for myself. The graphics are based on Mark Storms work.

While working with models around Fishboards I quickly started using CAD as my main design tool. Through the company I learnt a lot about modeling and a lot about design.

All boards started as 4mm plywood. I built forms to shape the concave of the board. 

Most boards were covered in carbon fiber. Both for greater stiffness and also for the looks.

The boards were varnished in a spray booth, with two component automotive varnish.

For the graphics I used a vinyl cutter and red vinyl tape

Fishboards gets first and second place in the swedish championchips

The boards weren't only for show. They have over 10 podium positions with one first place in the Swedish Championships.

Some images

Some images:

Tools I used

Tools I used


CAD design

After the first board I built I switched to digital design files.



The boards use simple woodworking methods as well as methods I learnt while building my boat.

Things I learnt


Social media marketing

I learnt the power of social media marketing and the quirks around it.



For the company I built the first version of the CNC. I learnt everything from CAM tools to tooling.

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