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The future of kettles

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Ringi (it is "pour" in māori) is a concept for an electric kettle. It utilizes a system of batteries, sensors and heaters to provide perfectly heated water while pouring. The system allows for cold water to be accurately heated to a specified temperature in the time it takes to pour a cup. The model was made as a school project during my time in Iowa. Double click any photo for more info.

The process

Since this was part of a model making course one of the first things I did was some sketching.

The first sketches I made were simple form explorations

I then moved onto making form tests in CAD. I made different bodies, handles and spouts so I could later combine them and try all combinations.

From the first CAD models I made cardboard cutouts to get a better feel of the shape and combinations.

Finally I made a few renders of my favorite combinations

After deciding on a final design the work on the actual model started