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Gymnasium / Highschool


Technology program, design and product-development



A highschool with strong emphasis on design. I went to the technology program (teknikprogrammet) where I studied product development, CAD, rapid prototyping and graphic design. For my final work (gymnasiearbete) I designed and built a 3D printer from scratch, see Perfect 3D.


KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Degree Programme in Design and Product Realisation (Mechatronics)



One of the world’s leading technical universities, rated in the top 100 universities of the world. I studied product development (Design och produktframtagning) which is a mechanical engineering program with design courses. For my Bachelor’s thesis I designed and built an electric longboard, see Electric longboard.

Iowa State University

Industrial design

Exchange studies 2020

I spent the spring of 2020 as an exchange student at ISU. The school is more of a classical industrial design school, with more emphasis on “pure” design and less mechanical engineering. I really enjoyed the change of pace and the new challenges.


I got the opportunity to do the senior project in collaboration with Vermeer. I also took courses in creative thinking, advanced model making and 3D motion graphics. You can see one of my models from the model making course here: Kettle

My GPA was 4.0

Work Experience

Work Experience


Founder, Fishboards


I had a small hobby company when I was younger. I built and sold carbon fiber longboards (skateboards). I learnt about budgeting, marketing, production and composite constructions, see Fishboards.

Sales representative, Roberta Settels Footwear

Summer 2014

One of Stockholm’s oldest stores in the Old city. I developed a simple inventory management system to make it quicker and easier to find the right shoes and check the inventory.

Sail instructor, UBB sail camp

2014, 2015, 2017

The Youth's Boat Builders (Ungdomarnas Båtbygge, UBB) is a place where kids and teenagers build their own boats. I built a sailing-dinghy here when was 12, see My boat. Every summer they have a sail camp where for three weeks the kids sail and camp in the Swedish archipelago. I worked as a sail instructor and camp counselor for several years. One year I was responsible for the older group, I coordinated the purchase of food, planning of the routes and assisted the camp goers if they needed help.

Intern, Sruli Recht

Winter 2018/2019

(5 months)

I was an intern at Sruli Rechts / Serial Future Visions design studio in Amsterdam, NL.

Famous for the Norlan brand and whisky glasses.

The internship was mostly autonomous, where me and other interns worked together on several projects at once. My responsibilities included FDM prototyping, social media posts, engineering, purchasing, PCB design/assembly and programming.

The internship further improved my skills of working in groups. I also learnt a lot about the design, fashion and art world.

Other work experience


Bar-back/bartender, different festivals summer 2014

Warehouse worker, Teknikmagasinet winter 2014/2015

Lab assistant, KTH 2018

Other merits

Other merits


Head of communication, Machine chapter
KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


The machine chapter is the largest student chapter at KTH. I was responsible for the communications group (Kommunikationsnämnden) for the school year 2017/2018. I recruited and led a team of six. The team was responsible for the chapter's social media, printed marketing, sale and purchase of the chapter's merchandise.



  • Drivers licence

  • Förarintyg - Swedish boat drivers licence. For boats up to 12m (40ft) and a beam of 4m (13ft)

  • VHF radio certificate

  • Maskinbefäl klass VII – Swedish commercial marine engine licence.



Swedish - Fluent 

English - Fluent

Interest / Hobbies

Interest / Hobbies

  • Biking - Renovated an old bike and assembled a new single - speed bike.

  • Sailing - I have been on boats my whole life and I've been sailing for several years.

  • Computer gaming - I have built my own workstation. 5820k @4,5GHz 16GB GTX970 

  • Photography

  • Cooking

  • Longboarding

  • Gardening

  • Climbing

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