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Perfect 3D files

The files are shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Files for the printer can be found here: Perfect 3D thingiverse. but I have to warn anyone from completely copying the design.


The printer has a few flaws:

  • The long timing belts from the stepper motor gives the system low stiffness, this leads to ringing when printing at high speeds. The continuous belts are also not standard lengths which means they have to be made out of normal GT2 belts.

  • Even though the printer uses a Cartesian motion system with a Bowden type extruder the solid chunk of aluminum makes the XY head heavy, this also leads to ringing. 

  • The long 8mm rods can easily be bent, as they did on mine, this leads to random movements in all axis when printing. While the movements are small it results in a little worse surface finish.

  • When assembling the printer the whole XY mechanic package has to be built and put in place at the same time.

  • The touch screen software included with the Replicape is not optimized for vertical screens. I've tried fixing it but since the documentation is lacking its not a easy task.

  • The 40x10mm fan on the printer head needs a metal shroud so it does not cool the hotend.

  • Lastly the electronics compartment is a bit to small for comfort.

Bill of materials

I've done a quick BOM with all components needed for the printer, it is however missing the cables needed for wiring. 

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